RADPAD® Shields


RADPAD® Shields

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Product Description

RADPAD® is a sterile, lead free, light weight, and disposable radiation protection shield that is placed directly over the sterile patient drapes and gives the physician protection from the ever present scattered radiation. First developed in 1996 as a lightweight pliable alternative to lead shielding, RADPAD® shields and drapes continue to lead the industry in technological development designed to reduce harmful scatter radiation by up to 95%.

Sterile and disposable, RADPAD® shields have been tested in numerous independent studies and have proven to be the single most effective agent available in reducing scatter radiation in multiple medical interventional specialities utilising x-radiation.

RADPAD® technology and protection is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from general purpose to highly specialised shields for specific procedures such as biopsy, femoral entry angiography, EP studies, dialysis declotting, biventricular pacemaker and many other interventional procedures. They are also available as table skirts and shields for CT.

RADPAD® has the following advantages:

  • Simple one time use shields that can be positioned over the sterile drape
  • Protects the physician and scrub nurse against scatter radiation
  • Lead free so can be disposed of after the case
  • Intelligently shaped for each procedure to give maximum protection


  • Red denotes 95% attenuation
  • Orange denotes 90% attenuation
  • Yellow denotes 75% attenuation
  • Catalog numbers without an “R”, “O”, or “Y” suffix are 90% attenuation (or “O”) unless noted otherwise.
  • For more specific product information, click here and scroll down to RADPAD.

    Important: Case quantity is 15 units.