Guide to taking your Measurements

Measurement Video Guide

All our Aprons are made-to-measure and highly customisable. To order the correct size you will need to take your measurements.
It is quick and easy to do. Take a look at our short Video Guide showing how to take your measurements correctly.

Step by step measurement instructions

Xenolite X-ray Protection Garments come in a wide range of sizes, and 6 quick measurements will ensure a proper fit.

We’ve made it incredibly simple to take the measurements needed yourself, so you can ensure the best fit of your apron, for both comfort and protection.

Before You Begin

All that is needed is a cloth measuring tape and a second person to take the measurements. Stand naturally with your arms at your side remembering to look straight ahead while the measurements are being taken.

Chest/Bust Measurement

With your arms raised, have your helper bring the tape around the fullest part of your chest. Lower your arms before taking the measurement.

Chest/Bust Measurement

Measure around your chest/bust beneath your arm pits and in line with your nipples. This should be the fullest part of your chest. Ensure the tape measure is level all the way round. Record your measurements in centimetres.

TIP: When you measure around an area of your body make sure the tape measure is flat. Keep one finger between you and the metal tip, record each measurement from the very end of the metal tip.

Waist/Stomach Measurement

For the waist, the location of the measurement is important, particularly for two-piece vest and skirt sets. The measurements should be made where the skirt will be worn, this should be above the hip bone in line with your belly button. Be sure to measure around the fullest part of the abdomen to allow full hip-to-hip overlap.

Hip Measurement

Wrap the tape measure around your hips and the widest point of your buttocks. Ensure the tape measure is level all the way round.

Torso Length for Vests

If possible take the length measurements whilst wearing a similar apron to the one being ordered. Relax your arms, measure from the highest point of the shoulder at the base of your neck, straight down your front over the curves of your chest and stomach, and ending about two inches below the waist. This allows for proper overlap of the vest and skirt.

Length for Skirts

The length of the skirt is critical for proper long bone protection. Determine the height at which you would usually wear your trousers or skirt and measure from here to just above the knee. Again recording your measurement in centimetres.

Length for Aprons

For one piece aprons simply measure from the highest point on the shoulder coming over the curve of your chest and stomach and ending just above the knee. Remember to stand as straight as possible while looking straight ahead.

All done.

Following these instructions will ensure that your apron will be sized properly for comfort and protection.

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