Scoliosis Stole – Prolite IEC

The Scoliosis Stole is primarily used for spinal imaging. The shield features velcro panels and an adjustable belt for proper positioning. The neck area does not contain lead, allowing complete visibility of the spine during x-ray, while offering protection to the breast area. This shield is great for scoliosis studies.


pediatric 38 x 12 cm
M 47 x 18 cm
L 60 x 20 cm

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Closure Type

Lead Equivalency (mm Pb)

AP-STOLE-LFI-CH Scoliosis Stole - Prolite IEC 0.50mm LE - Pediatric 15" x 4.75"
AP-STOLE-LFI-MD Scoliosis Stole - Prolite IEC 0.50mm LE - Medium 18" x 6.75"
AP-STOLE-LFI-LG Scoliosis Stole - Prolite IEC 0.50mm LE - Large 23.5" x 8"
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