Standard Vest Master CROP navyStandard Skirt SIDE 155 navy
Standard Vest & Skirt FRONT Navy
Standard Vest Master CROP navy
Standard Skirt SIDE 155 navy

Navy Blue Skirt & Standard Vest Set

The Standard Skirt & Vest Set has overlapping panels to allow for greater protection as well as greater adjustment. This allows for maximum weight distribution between the shoulders and hips which eliminates stress on the upper and lower back. Separate vests and skirts also provide greater flexibility to the wearer with regard to sitting, bending, or stooping.


Colour: Navy Blue with Black Trim.
Closure Type: Wrap Around.
Adjustment: Chest.
Standard features include: Shoulder pads, a clear plastic pocket on the vest, male/female sizes, pocket and hanging loops on the skirt.


Please note: The picture shown has a fabric pocket, this garment comes with a clear plastic pocket.

PLEASE NOTE: for standard skirt selections with 0.25mmPb front panel, the composite will be placed on the inside panel only, with the outside panel being material. Please ensure measurements required provide full seam-to-seam overlap to receive the stated lead equivalence protection

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Vest & Skirt Sets Size Guide


Vest/Skirt sizes can be mixed to provide maximum comfort and fit.

Measurements (cm)
Size Chest Waist Hips
X Small <83 <61 <76
Small 84-89 62-71 77-86
Medium 90-97 72-81 87-96
Large 98-106 82-91 97-106
X Large 107-114 92-101 107-116
Made To Measure >115 >102 >117


 Skirt Measurements (cm)
Size Waist Hips
X Small <61 <76
Small 62-71 77-86
Medium 72-81 87-96
Large 82-91 97-106
X Large 92-101 107-116
Made To Measure >102 >117


Sizes should be taken from the largest measurement.
E.G - For the Vest if the chest and hips measure small but the waist measures medium - the correct size is medium.
E.G - For the Skirt if the waist measures medium but the hips measure large - the correct size is large.


Closure Type



Lead Equivalency (mm Pb)

, ,

Sex *

Male, Female

Length of both Skirt & Vest *

55cm, 60cm, 63cm

Size *

S, M, L, XL

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