Features and Colours

Fabric Colour Options

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Monograms will be stitched directly onto the Vest/Apron pocket itself. If a monogram is requested, the garment does require a pocket. If a monogram is requested it is placed on the Vest or Apron Pocket. Skirts, Thyroids & Leg Shields can also be monogrammed at an additional charge. We can also monogram a logo for an additional cost.

An alternative to a ‘permanent’ monogram is to have a clear plastic pocket (about the size of a credit card) sewn onto the front of the vest, the wearer can then insert their name or their NHS Card into the pocket. This has to be requested at time of order.

Features and Benefits

Whether it’s for continuous staff use during long shifts or quick protection for your patients, the Xenolite brand offers two new and improved ranges to meet your requirements; our premium Strata+ (light-weight, non-lead composite) and EVAL (lead counterpart.)

Lead Free

Xenolite Strata+300 Bi-layer – a lead free, lightweight material featuring bi-layer radiation protection technology compliant with IEC 61331:2014. Xenolite Strata is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal. Product code number starts with “3.”


EVAL 900-Pb – a 100% lead-based material. EVAL is used for lower-priced, non weight sensitive products, as well as gamma-radiation (Nuclear Medicine) applications. This material is also used for x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) above 120kV. Product code number starts with “9.”

The stated lead equivalency protection of your garment, 0.50/0.35/0/25mm Pb (or front-back combinations of these) is measured under direct beam conditions at 60/70/90/110kV (Strata) and 150kV (EVAL,) using the required test method of standard IEA/EN 61331-1:2014 (BBG.) These are certified to be in compliance, within an allowed +/- 7% manufacturing tolerance (as mm Pb.)

Several scientific papers have been written about the Xenolte innovative technology. It has been tested and approved by hospitals and government agencies in over 10 countries, complying with DIN, JIS and CE marking EC requirements. Copies of test data are available on request.

Beware of aprons with labels that do not show protection as mm Pb but only as % attenuation. They may be disguising true protection values. One apron states “> 84% attenuation at 100 kV”, which means 16% is getting through. Always check the label for EU 2016/425 (PPE) compliance.

  • Xenoltite garments are recyclable and re-used to make new aprons. Alternatively, they can be incinerated or safely disposed of in municipal landfills as a non-hazardous waste. It contains no toxic heavy metals.
  • Xenolite Strata+ is latex-free and does not use plasticized PVC/vinyl. PVC/vinyl contains both chlorinated hydrocarbons (a toxic hazard when incinerated) and phthalate plasticizers (a group of compounds in which several are banned due to toxicity).