Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

The following is a fact-based* comparison of XENOLITE NO-LEAD versus other lead-free aprons in the USA.These competitive aprons are all based on tin or tin-antimony attenuating materials, whereas XENOLITE NO-LEAD is a scientifically balanced, proprietary, patented mixture of two complementary attenuating elements providing lighter weight and better protection.

  • XENOLITE NO-LEAD is the world’s lightest-weight apron material when compared at equal protection (80 kV-120 kV).
  • Tin-based competitive materials are 15 to 30% heavier for the same protection.
  • XENOLITE NO-LEAD delivers and guarantees its stated mm Pb protection at 100 kV. Most tin-based products are designed and tested at only 80 kV which is their peak protection. They do not provide the stated/label protection at 100 kV where there is two to three times greater transmission and exposure than at 80 kV.
  • XENOLITE NO-LEAD is the only lead-free material in the USA which meets the tough new IEC world standard for apron protection (IEC 61331-3/1) at both the 80 kV & 100 kV test levels, with 0.15/0.25 ID Cu filtration.

Several scientific papers have been written about the XENOLITE NO-LEAD innovative technology. It has been tested and approved by hospitals and government agencies in over 10 countries, complying with DIN, JIS and CE marking EC requirements. Copies of test data are available on request.

At the high kV of some special procedures(120 kV) the tin-based competitors lose over 20% of their protection. They are well below 0.40 mm Pb. This means a 70% higher exposure. XENOLITE NO-LEAD provides the most consistent protection over the range 60 kV-125 kV and has up to 20% lower transmissions.

Beware of aprons with labels that do not show protection as mm Pb but only as % attenuation. They may be disguising true protection values. One apron states “> 84% attenuation at 100 kV”. This means 16% is getting through, two to three times more exposure than XENOLITE NO-LEAD’s 0.50 mm Pb apron and almost double its 0.35 mm Pb apron.

  • XENOLITE NO-LEAD is the only truly recyclable material and it is re-used to make new aprons. Alternatively, it can be incinerated or safely disposed of in municipal landfills as a non-hazardous waste. It contains no toxic heavy metals.
  • XENOLITE NO-LEAD is latex-free and does not use plasticized PVC/vinyl. PVC/vinyl contains both chlorinated hydrocarbons (a toxic hazard when incinerated) and phthalate plasticizers (a group of compounds in which several are banned due to toxicity).

*Test data from Lfas Tests (Spring 2003) and Columbia University New York, NY. (2004)