RADPAD® No-Brainers

RADPAD® No-Brainers

RADPAD® No-Brainers

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Product Description

Protect yourself and your team from scatter radiation. Even with lead aprons, thyroid collars, and lead glasses, you leave the most important 25% of your body unprotected against scatter radiation if you’re not wearing the RADPAD® No Brainer®. The No Brainer® provides excellent protection for all fluoro-lab and operating suite personnel during any interventional procedure.

The No Brainer® is lightweight, disposable, and inexpensive. Because it is lead free, it is environmentally safe for disposal.

With unique composite, the cap attenuates scatter radiation, block up to 95% of the scatter radiation that
could otherwise adversely impact your brain, health and the longevity of your career.


  • Orange denotes 90% attenuation
  • Yellow denotes 75% attenuation
  • Blue denotes 50% attenuation
  • Catalog numbers without an “O”, “Y” or “B” suffix are 90% attenuation (or “O”) unless noted otherwise.
  • There has been many research studies into the effects of radiation on the brain. Click here and scroll down to Miscellaneous to see just some of those research papers.

    Important: Case quantity is 20 units.