Weight Relief vest only SIDE 070Weight Relief vest only FRONT 048Weight Relief vest only DETAIL 108Weight Relief vest only BACK 066Weight Relief VestWeight Relief Vest Only FRONT red
Weight Relief vest only DETAIL 090
Weight Relief vest only SIDE 070
Weight Relief vest only FRONT 048
Weight Relief vest only DETAIL 108
Weight Relief vest only BACK 066
Weight Relief Vest
Weight Relief Vest Only FRONT red

Weight Relief Vest

Weight Relief Vests create maximum weight distribution between the shoulders and hips which eliminates stress on the upper and lower back. Vests & Skirts also provide greater flexibility to the wearer with regard to sitting, bending, or stooping. The Weight Relief Vest is lighter than the standard vest due to the single front panel.

Standard features include:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Pocket
  • Single piece front vest panel makes this model extremely light
  • Velcro closure at right side and right shoulder
  • Unisex size

Vest Size Guide


Measurements (cm)
Size Chest Waist Hips
X Small <83 <61 <76
Small 84-89 62-71 77-86
Medium 90-97 72-81 87-96
Large 98-106 82-91 97-106
X Large 107-114 92-101 107-116
Made To Measure >115 >102 >117


Sizes should be taken from the largest measurement.
E.G - If the chest measures small but the waist measures medium - the correct size is medium.
320V ,

Closure Type *




Lead Equivalency *

, , , ,

Vest Length *

50cm, 53cm, 55cm, 60cm, 63cm, 68cm, 73cm

SKU Lead Equivalency
320V-0.25/0.25 0.25/0.25mm Pb
320V-0.35/0.25 0.35/0.25mm Pb
320V-0.35/0.35 0.35/0.35mm Pb
320V-0.50/0.35 0.50/0.35mm Pb
320V-0.50/0.50 0.50/0.50mm Pb
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