310 B-3-317 right310 B-3-full height & rail326 05-full height326 05-lowered & retracted curtain326 05-lowered310 B-3-317 both sides310 B-3-lowered & rail
310 B-3-317 both sides
310 B-3-317 right
310 B-3-full height & rail
326 05-full height
326 05-lowered & retracted curtain
326 05-lowered
310 B-3-317 both sides
310 B-3-lowered & rail

Kenex Mobile Radiation Shields

This comprehensive range of x-ray shielding equipment significantly reduces secondary radiation exposure to staff during all applications. Tableside mounted shields protect the lower body and extremities to provide a safe and effective zone of occupancy. Mobile over-table and alongside table versions are also available.


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